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Common Pool fence Defects

Non- Complaint pool fences are a common problem in Western Australia and the local council in your area is tasked to monitor existing pool fences to ensure that they are compliant. Pool inspections Perth can assist you bu inspecting a pool areas to ensure hat is is compliant, for your peace of mind and also saving thousands of dollars when buying a home.

It is important when you buy a house with a pool that the fence is complaint and that the pool area is safe. In addition to this the cost of making the pool fence compliant can often be negotiated into the contract so that you alone do not have to rectify the unsafe areas. Making pool fencing compliant could range from simple solutions such as self closing latches to more complicated and often expensive solutions such as self clsing sliding doors from the main house.

Dont wait until after settlement to find out if the pool fence or gates need work, find out before and save your money.

Some of the things that we assess in our pool inspection:

  • Doors opening into the pool area from the house
  • Size of the fencing bars
  • Damage to the fence or gates
  • Are there climbable areas outside the pool area
  • Do the gates and doors self close
  • Are there any special requirements for this type of pool or house

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